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026 [written]

[It's so bad now that Luke feels like he can barely get out of bed except for necessary needs. It's... honestly kind of strange. Sure, he's scared, and sure, he hates having to lay here and just wait for it to happen, despite writing and drawing to pass the time. But he isn't quite as terrified as he was just a month ago.

It's like he's accepted that this is happening in a quiet, somber sort of way.

There's pain every day, he's tired every day, he's thin and pale and looks as if he's just wasting away, as if he's all that's left after tiny pieces of himself slowly just... faded away. Even his hair seemed not quite as full as it ought to be.

He hated it, yes. But it's happening. And he's close to fading away completely, he knows that. Maybe that's why he's mostly okay with this. It can finally be over.

He'd only flipped through the journal to keep track of everyone. Now, though, he can't help being morbidly curious, in a way. So, making sure that he himself is out of sight, he writes slowly to the masses.]

If someone told you that you didn't have much longer to live, what would you do about it? What would you do with the last days of your life?

[It's a question that could be asked even by a curious healthy person, something to get people to think. He can think of it that way, and get answers that he might just need because of it.]
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[Who knew Auldrant was full of such philosophers? Ginji has his journal open - for a change of focus every so often as he goes about finishing up chores. That is, as close as they ever get to being finished.]

Well, I think I'd want to spend them with the people I care about most, doing something I really enjoy or something I always thought about and never got around to.
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Overhauling the Albiore's drive system. [Automatic answer.]

[...Probably not the kind of reply Luke's looking for, though.] Actually, one of those carnivals could be a lot of fun. They've got games and food, music, contests...and a bunch of machines that you ride in, just for the sake of riding in them.

[Solution: Combine everything you love and invite everyone you know.]
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Don't think so, but I almost wish I was. Did you go, Luke?
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Sure sounds like it! [Ginji notices this, but he doesn't focus in on it too much. Luke did just rattle off a long sentence, after all.]

We might not be living in the Dawn Age, but there isn't too much that's beyond our reach so long as we've got a vision, the parts, and enough manpower to build it. Maybe even when we get back, Auldrant'll see some roller coasters of its own.
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Maybe not like all that's been happening recently, but there's always been and always will be things going on in the world, you know?

[Kind of like an engine... It works great for a while, it starts showing signs and developing problems, and then you have to run maintenance on it to make sure it'll pull through and function properly.]

Once things are finished up there... [Hmm.] Well, once things are finished up and the ship's repaired, anyway. I'd hate to leave the Albiore III all banged up for too long.
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...You've met interesting people and made a whole lot of friends in Luceti, right?
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[Oh Luke.]

No, I wasn't worried. I figure you'll do what's best, but...that still sounds tough.
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I see.

[Ginji sighs. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot of helping that.]

So, is there any particular reason you wanted to know? It's a pretty deep question.
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Yeah. [He gives a little laugh.]

Believe it or not, I know all about thinking too much. It's not always a super great thing.