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[Video/Voice] Backdated to late morning of the 13th

[The view is nothing but the sky. The rain that falls on it. Blood staining the entire side of the camera.

The voice is shrill. Frantic. Trembling and pained.]

Suh - Somebody – I n-need a healer by the back of the Battle Dome right now! Asch is - hkgh -

[Then there's quiet muttering, as if he's speaking in a whisper to someone else. A whisper that cuts off for a moment, then turns into a hurt sound.

And then nothing else.]

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[About a dozen thoughts race through Ginji's mind when he sees this. It's impossible to tell what the situation is from Luke's transmission, but it's clearly serious, and, if he's not mistaken, critical.]

[Ginji's words tumble out in a rush, although he's managing to keep panic mostly under control, save for the rapidly sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.]

Luke, you have to calm down! You're both near the Battle Dome, right? I can be there in a few minutes. Just try to stay together.

[And off he goes. He's not a healer, his first aid skills are mediocre at best, but there's got to be at least something he can do.]
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[Ginji arrives waterlogged and panting. He didn't stop once on the way, and as he tries to recover himself and have a look around... Well, it doesn't take long to piece together the obvious. How exactly, Ginji doesn't know, but Asch is unmistakeably--]

[Ginji's jaw clenches and he has to fight not to squint his eyes shut against the image. Something he's feared might happen sooner rather than later, and now it has without warning.]

[Asch is dead.]

[The pilot stands rooted there for a few moments, but it's Luke's persistence that finally draws his attention away. Breathe, Ginji. You still have work to do.]


[Ginji steps forward slowly and reaches towards the redhead's shoulder.] Luke. Th...there's nothing we can do for Mr. Asch...now. I'm sorry.
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[Ginji knows better than to push him, not with that look on Luke's face. He gets the feeling Luke is beyond listening to him, no matter what else he says or how much time passes without Asch responding. Probably still in shock...]

[The pilot lets his hand drop, his expression sympathetic. And wonders...which one of them is right? Accepting what is and doing whatever you can with what you have or stubbornly fighting against the impossible because you believe in it that much?]

...Okay. I won't.
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[None of which are good signs. Ginji watches Luke with mounting concern. He's injured himself and looks positively exhausted. If Luke doesn't stop soon, they might have yet another death on their hands, and Ginji can't just stand around and watch that happen.]

...Luke, I know you want to help Mr. Asch, but you really should lie down. I don't think he'll be very happy if he wakes up seeing you like this.

[The line of his jaw tightens, but he keeps talking anyway, whether or not Luke is paying him any mind.] Just for a minute, okay? We'll stay with him while you rest.