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[Video/Voice] Backdated to late morning of the 13th

[The view is nothing but the sky. The rain that falls on it. Blood staining the entire side of the camera.

The voice is shrill. Frantic. Trembling and pained.]

Suh - Somebody – I n-need a healer by the back of the Battle Dome right now! Asch is - hkgh -

[Then there's quiet muttering, as if he's speaking in a whisper to someone else. A whisper that cuts off for a moment, then turns into a hurt sound.

And then nothing else.]

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[There's no pause to hesitate. The moment he hears Luke's voice come from the journal, he's on his feet and running out the door. House One was a far way from the Battle Dome, but that didn't matter. Luke was hurt. Asch was hurt -- potentially even more so than Luke. And he didn't have to piece together the reasons as to why.]

[The curse slot. Perhaps with one more day, he could have arranged with Guy to remove it. Just one more day is all he would have needed... but he shouldn't have waited at all. There had been more than his own health and Guy's well-being on the line. He knew that, so why didn't he...!!]

[But cursing himself isn't going to make him run any faster. Plenty of people visited the battle dome every day. All he can do now is run and hope that someone would get there in time to do something. Please be okay... both of you, please be okay...!!]
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[Action] Time to skip forward a little bit!

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[The crowd is, more than likely, considerably smaller by the time Ion makes his way into the forest behind the Battle Dome. Luke is gone - taken to the clinic in a hysterical rush, refusing to be parted from his original's side until he himself had slipped into unconsciousness.

Those left hovered around the two men that remained. One group stood examining the bloodier of the bodies - one didn't have to look twice to realize it was Asch. The others mingled around the still, unresponsive blonde. Attention has already been given to the majority of his wounds, even temporarily so. But Guy still hadn't opened his eyes.

Whether that was a concern or a comfort was yet to be seen.]
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[Just as it doesn't take a second glance to tell the body laying there is Asch, it also doesn't take a second glance to realize something terrible has happened. If Luke isn't here, he must have been taken somewhere to be treated. It doesn't look as though anyone is healing Asch anymore... and with those wounds...]

[His gaze only lingers a moment or two before he closes his eyes and pushes himself forward. He needed to check on Guy. He was the only one he could help right now. Kneeling by Guy's side, he turns to whoever happens to be closest, assuming they were the one who had been healing him.]

Has he been unconscious since you arrived here?
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Yes. [Wait, she recognizes him-? No time to dwell on it now.] He needs to be inside where it is warm and dry before I can do anything more for him.

[Not bleeding all over the place was all she had managed at the time. Not bleeding, and relatively stable, and then something had stopped her.]
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[Ion nods, then slowly reaches out with a hand and holds it just over Guy's arm. When he does, there's a soft glow, but not the sort one would see when healing. It was just as he thought... in the same place as before, even.]

...he's been affected by a type of fonic arte for our world. A curse slot. Most likely, it's why he hasn't woken up yet. [He doesn't take his eyes off of Guy. He's not sure he'll be able to keep his composure if he doesn't stay focused right now.]

I can remove it, but he needs to be brought somewhere he can rest first... and preferably, as far away from Luke and Asch as possible.
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[Well that's interesting. Concerning. This boy seems to know what the problem is that she couldn't identify before.]

The other clinic is much too far away in his current condition. [Especially since no one standing around out here will be able to lift Guy on their own.] If he can't go in there, [with a glance at the battledome] where can he?
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Any place with a bed will do, at least until the curse slot is completely removed. [There's a pause. He knows she only wants to help, but he's also hesitant to tell her too much about what probably happened here. Not while he can only speculate.]

...the curse slot is likely what caused this to happen in the first place. Should he regain consciousness before it's completely removed, there's a possibility he could attack us without being aware of his surroundings. He won't be able to distinguish friend from foe.
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I see. [They'll need the nearest building, then. Mia doesn't think he will regain consciousness, given what she does know. Why take the chance?

She turns to peer through the rain at one of the others who is still standing outside with them.]

Could you assist us, please?
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[Ginji's been hanging around since a little while before Luke was removed from the scene. By this point he's only halfway listening to the murmurs from the rest of the dwindling crowd - a word here, a phrase there. Something about a curse slot, whatever that might be.]

[During their brief journey together with the Dark Wings, Asch had been injured numerous times, but there's just something about seeing the once proud and recklessly determined man lying motionless that weighs Ginji down. He should have been there to help him! And Luke, and Guy...! They saved his life... So often he's stuck waiting while other people put themselves in danger, unable to do much more than run maintenance checks and keep the first-aid kit stocked.]

[And maintain a clear head; Ginji's not so sure he's excelling in that area right now. He turns slowly, and that's when his gaze drifts over to Ion and Mia, and he realizes she just asked him a question.]

Hm? Oh, right... What do you need me to do?
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We need to move Guy somewhere he can rest before I can remove the curse slot. But as long as Luke is there, it can't be the nearest clinic...

[He stands and looks around. Moving him quickly would be best... especially when it was raining like this. And there's no telling what could happen if Sync decided to wander back over.]

One of the community housing buildings should work. Whichever is the closest.
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[Well. This isn't something she expected but it could work out for the best.]

I know an empty room in the third building. [She actually bites her lip for a second before looking at Ginji again.] Will you help me carry him? His back is injured and we'll need to be careful.

[She has faith in the two of them to be able to take Guy to C3 safely. He's not very bulky.]
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[Considering the state Luke was in, this doesn't exactly raise any questions. Luke needs his rest, too.]

Community Housing 3, got it. [With a bit of a nod, Ginji kneels down in the mud beside him. Guy's heavier than Ion and Sync, for sure, but he thinks that they can manage between the two of them.]

So you think he'll be all right like this? Being carried, I mean.

[He waits. Figuring it'd be best to lift him together as one.]
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We don't have much of a choice right now. As long as you're careful and we can get him lying down quickly enough, he should be all right.

[Even if it did risk aggravating his injuries, the longer that curse slot remained, the more difficult it would be to remove. And there's no doubt in Ion's mind that Luke and Asch aren't the only ones to be suffering from this. Having your own memories manipulated against you... curse slots were truly a terrible thing.]
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[Mia is careful to keep any edge out of her voice.]

If I thought differently I wouldn't ask. [Ion doesn't get to do the heavy lifting, either.] Thank you for assisting us.

[Now you get one side, Ginji, and be careful of Guy's back and his wings especially. They should move as fast as they can without bouncing him around.]
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Roger. [Eyes flick between them and then back to Guy.]

Okay, here we go. [Ginji makes a point to avoid jostling Guy's wings as he helps lift him up off the ground. Fortunately working with machines, you learn rather quickly to take care with things that are damaged. It's just usually not people.]

[Ginji doesn't ask any more questions, He has a pretty good idea of where they're headed, but since he doesn't know the room number, he'll have to follow the others' lead once they arrive.]
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[They're lucky to find a usable room on the first floor of C3. By the time they get there, Mia is tiring out rather quickly. Guy has a light build but he's still heavier than anything she's used to lifting.

There's a bed, of course, free of all bedlinens or blankets. The mattress should do, for now, she hopes. Out of breath, she directs Ginji to place Guy on the bed. Once that's done she looks at Ion.]

Do you need...anything else? [All of them could use a towel or two, soaking wet from the rain as they are.]
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[Action] 1/2

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If you could try to find something to dry him off after I remove the curse slot, it would help. If there's nothing in this room, the other people living in this building might be able to offer something... and the both of you should dry off as well. [Ion's probably just as bad as they are, but that's the furthest thing from his mind right now. The longer the curse slot was left, the more damage it could be causing to Guy's mind, and the more pain he'd be put through. As he talks, he reaches out and lays Guy's arm out at his side, carefully rolling up the sleeves to his shoulder. It was even in the same place as before...]

[There's no reason for delay. He takes a single, steadying breath before looking up at the other two.]

I'm going to remove the curse slot now. Please stand back.
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[Action] 2/2

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[And, after giving them a moment to do so, he reaches out both his hands and places them only a few inches above Guy's upper arm. As he closes his eyes, a large fonic glyph appears beneath his hands, the inner designs of the glyph shifting and clicking almost like the gears of a clock. At the same time, the mark of the curse slot begins to glow, growing brighter the more he works. After a few minutes, the glyph and the mark on Guy's arm seem to align, with the larger arte absorbing the power of the curse slot and lifting the mark from Guy's arm.]

[There was a different feel to it than the last time he did this. It was stronger, and yet at the same time more open than a typical curse slot should function. Normally it requires a specific user to activate a curse slot, but for this one, created by the Malnosso... somehow, Sync had still been able to gain control of it. To be able to create such a thing, the Malnosso truly were a force to be reckoned with. And for a moment, he can't help but wonder if he and Sync's previous stay in the Malnosso's kidnapping facility had anything to do with this suddenly being "tested"...]

[Though he doesn't have much time to voice these thoughts, as the moment the glow of his own fonic arte fades away, he lets out a soft gasp and falls to his knees at the side of the bed.]
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[Action] See if this works.

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[Whew... Ginji wipes his brow, not completely exhausted, but still breathing heavily. It looks like the others aren't fairing too well, either; they both look weary to him. And so Ginji hastens to get out of Ion's way once Guy's been situated.]

It might be best if I went. I can bring towels back for everyone. And hunt down something more comfortable. [After all, Ginji doesn't know what all this curse slot business entails, but if something were to happen with either Guy or Ion, Mia'd be more prepared to deal with it than he would. Guy's probably going to be feeling pretty awful once he regains consciousness, too.]

I'll just be a minute. [He's already heading towards the doorway and disappearing around a corner, setting a brisk pace but not daring to run on the slippery floor. A minute turns out to be about five.]
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Thank you. [She tries to say it before the man leaves, though she isn't sure if he hears her.

When Ion drops, Mia reaches for his arm to keep him from falling further - he's trembling. Torn for spare seconds between the patient on the bed and the one kneeling on the floor, she chooses to pull a chair over first, and help Ion into it. At least then he's not on the ground.]

Don't try to get up, please.

[Then she can turn her attention back to the unconscious man on the bed, and dealing with his injuries in a more thorough and solid manner. Especially the one across his back. That is where Ginji will find her when he returns - eyes closed, concentrating on healing Psynergy that he won't be able to see.]
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[Ion barely registers Mia coming to help him, his eyes staying somewhat out of focus until he's sitting in the chair. But rather than lean back, he remains bent forward, his hands resting on his knees. If he leans back, he might pass out. Instead, he tries to catch his breath and wills away that ever-growing darkness in his vision. He needed to stay awake. At least until he could see Guy awake. And then make sure Luke was okay.]

[But using such a complex arte after not using any for so long... it's been a long time since he's felt this tired. There's an uncomfortable heaviness in his limbs, and his mind feels as though it's swimming. For as much as he's worrying about Guy, he could spare a moment to worry about himself. Even minutes after sitting down, he's still looking rather pale and shaking... though the cold probably isn't helping.]
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[After a while, Ginji manages to maneuver his way back into the room, one arm draped with towels, and the other wrapped around a pillow. Unfortunately he couldn't find any fresh linens, but maybe they can substitute something else.]

Hey, I'm back with--ah. [Of course, he wasn't really expecting to come back to Ion hunched over in a chair and Mia...doing whatever she's doing. Ginji can only assume this has to do with healing Guy, but he isn't sure. All he knows is that he probably shouldn't interrupt. So he'll leave the pillow and half the towels wordlessly on the edge of the bed and hurry back over to Ion. The Fon Master will have to excuse Ginji, as his first instinct is to try toweling him off. He must be freezing; Ginji can worry about manners later.]

What happened, Ion? You don't look so good.
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[That's about all she can do for Guy, for now. He's asleep - or that's how it feels to her - and stable, and not struggling or bleeding to death. She spots the things Ginji brought back, takes in the way Ion can barely stay in the chair, let alone upright, and decides she ought to finish with Guy as much as possible before trying to help Ion. His friend is helping him.

She's quiet and doesn't draw much attention to the process of getting Guy to as dry of a state as possible, before resting his head on the pillow and blanketing him with a few of the remaining towels. It will have to do. If she can remember where the panel for temperature is, they should turn up the heat in the room, too.

And then she can check on Ion, and Ginji. Starting with something she was too deep in concentration to say before.]

Thank you. [She would smile at him, but it doesn't seem like everyone here is out of danger yet.] Is Ion all right?
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[Ion doesn't react much when Ginji starts drying him off -- he's feeling just a bit too weak to attempt doing so himself right now, after all. And at least being a little more dry will help with the shivering. He'll probably thank him for it later when he doesn't develop a cold after this.]

...I'm fine. [His demeanor seems to say he's every but, though he's clearly trying his best not to show it. He takes a deep breath and sits up upright, still feeling a little dizzy. He's not quite in the mindset to be forcing a smile right now, but there's little doubt he would be if the circumstances were different. That's just how Ion was.]

I always get like this... when I use my fonic artes... but the Curse Slot is gone now. [Another deep breath, as he turns to Mia.] I'm sorry if I worried you.
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[The pilot glances up as Mia makes her way over and nods slowly.]

It was the least I could do. [And really, it doesn't seem like much at all. Or enough. With things winding down and the crisis being somewhat over (as much as it could possibly be over, anyway) his stomach is threatening to knot itself up.]

[So since Ion hasn't made any move to stop him, he'll continue with his current task of coaxing the water out of Ion's hair. It's something methodical to keep his mind off of what he just witnessed.]

Either way, you'd better rest for a little while, Ion. You must be exhausted. [A brief glance at Mia. Her too.]


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