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022 [Accidental Voice/Video]

[It really was an accident. That's what happens when a dumb teenager throws his journal somewhere where it can slide off and hit the voice/video button.

It looks like Luke's in front of the mirror on his closet door. Or is it...? That hairstyle looks like someone else's, which Luke was able to achieve with just some water and pushing his bangs back a lot. Conveniently, the journal's positioned in a good enough position so that one can see his reflection. Sure enough, by the reflection alone, it really does look like Asch is making faces at himself in the mirror.

He smiles. Good god, Asch is smiling. Is there a meteor heading for Luceti, because now the world is going to end.

He sticks out his tongue and crosses his eyes next. Did the Malnosso base just freeze over?

He grins at himself because good lord, this is funny, and then he tries something else.

He bares his teeth and scowls, even making a growling noise.]


My name is Asch, I can't smile and I need friends.

[He's even got the voice perfectly. He keeps it up, putting his hands on his hips to growl and makes faces at himself some more, completely unaware of just how much the journal is catching.]
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[Ginji is trying so hard not to laugh. It isn't working all that well, though, since even with a hand over his mouth, you can still hear a muffled chuckle. Or two. ...Or three.]

You know, it would probably be best not to tease him, Luke.
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[He can't help it, Luke, your Asch impression was funny. Don't hold it against him. Besides, it's better to join in and laugh about it now because pretty soon Luke's likely going to be too injured to even move.]

It's a little too late for that now, unfortunately. [Hm.] Maybe if you apologized...

[Eh. Actually Ginji's a little doubtful that an apology is going to help matters, at least not coming from a replica.]
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[Voice] Please refer to "How to Get Along With Mr. Asch in 5 Easy Steps: A Comprehensive Guide".

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Sorry. [Ginji wishes he could help you out, Luke, really he does, but it'd be too late by the time he made it over.]

[And there's the million gald question! He falls silent for a moment, considering.]

Ah, well mostly I just do what Mr. Asch tells me to.

[After all, it's the few times when Ginji argued or stood up to him that there was trouble. Yep.]
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[Voice/Filtered to Luke] Absolutely! Anyone who isn't a replica should have no problems!

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[Have another chuckle, but this is of the variety usually accompanied by a sweatdrop rolling down the side of one's head. Well, you did ask how he got along with him, Luke.]

No, I don't suppose it would work for everyone.

[Hm.] Mr. Asch tends to go off and do things on his own, even when he's in over his head, and he doesn't mingle with others unless he has to.

But I think what he needs most of all are people who won't let him down no matter what.
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[Voice/Filtered] It only means you'll have to try a little harder...!

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[Poor guy.]

Maybe Mr. Asch isn't letting himself see it yet... [He's trying to be encouraging.]

I know he doesn't really support the idea of replicas, but I don't think it's impossible for the two of you to get along. It just might take a little more effort to change his mind.
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[Voice/Filtered] Well... :/

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Or a different approach?

[He's not sure what to suggest. Asch is... Asch, and if he's made up his mind about something, changing it's about as easy as flying the Albiore with just one finger.]

I wish there were some way I could help you, Luke.
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[Yes, he definitely needs it.]

Well, I could try... Do you know of any good sword-dodging techniques? [And the sad part is he's not even joking. Mostly.]
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[Ginji was thinking more along the lines of "hit the deck and roll away really fast", but okay.]

...Thanks, I'll see what I can do. Be careful.