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Locked to Asch )

[Later, he can be found at the clothing shop and the item shop to pick up some things, and after a run-in with Sync and Ion, Luke had briefly visited his old apartment before he decided that he just couldn't stay. He sits heavily by the fountain, bent over with his head in his hand while the other hand holds on tight to the only item she'd left him.

He's a little hesitant to do this, and it makes him glance at his journal a couple of times, before he makes his decision. He opens up his journal, turns on the video function, and - clears his throat awkwardly first.]

This is how it works, right...? [Ah, right. He glances away and runs a hand through his (shorter, more unruly) hair before he gives the journal his attention again.] Um, hey. My name is Luke fon Fabre, and - and I was here before. I think it was just last week? It was a lot longer for me...

So... I'm back? And I'm sorry for leaving. I guess that's all I have to say...

[Except it's not, and it's just as he starts to shut the journal that he remembers.]

Oh yeah - [And he throws up a hasty filter.]

[Locked to House 1 residents (Nephry, Jade, Tear, Anise, Florian, Ion)]

Hey, uh... do you guys mind if I stay with you for a little while? It doesn't have to be for long or anything, I just - I need to find another place to stay. That's all it is.
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[... trash like you stole my family, my home... everything from me!

Every night since the draft, those words echo in his head along with images of what happened to both him and his original. Seeing Asch as a child, as the real Luke fon Fabre, happy and smiling, in the place where he belonged...

Then seeing it fall when Luke stole it away again. And having to see him kill their own mother, even though it was just a dream.

It's become even more of a chore to try sleeping. It's difficult when he keeps waking up from horrible nightmares, and when the darkness and silence lead to negative thoughts chasing each other and biting at his mind. It's a cycle that's been going on for a couple of months now, and has only gotten worse since the draft.

On such a night, he sits in the dark and looks down at the person sleeping beside him: his girlfriend, the love of his life. She'd miss him if he were to suddenly disappear and give Asch his title back, right? ... Right, he knows that.

So he disappears in a different way, merely getting out of bed, out of the building in general, to sit outside, pajamas and all, to lean his back against the wall and stare up at the night sky, cloudy and patchy that it is due to the previous rain. The stars he's looking at are fake, stupid and cruel, and yet somehow, he still finds comfort in them. They're of little use at the moment, and he finds himself at war with his own emotions, ones that keep making a wet, stinging sensation in his eyes that makes his vision blur and make him shut his eyes to try clearing them out and hold back the sensation, blocking his view of the stars.

Things are so messed up for him right now.]


[Going back inside won't help. Luke knows that he'd just sit there in the darkness and be unable to get some proper sleep again. So, might as well reach out and see if he can get some help with that.

He remembers long ago, when he had a similar sleeping problem. He'd asked over the journals just like this. A woman who dove into his dreams read him a book that made him fall asleep within minutes. The thought makes him give a fond little half smile before he lets it fall as he speaks quietly.]

Can someone talk to me? It doesn't have to be a story or anything, just... something. What you did today, what you want to do later, or – I don't know, what you were doing back in your world.

If... it's okay, anyway. You don't have to talk. I know it's late, and I'm sorry, it's just that...

I need to stop... thinking about things for a little while. That's all it is.
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LUKE FON FABRE is mostly just trying to get back home, as is tradition for days such as this. Having spent a good while in Luceti, he can't really be too weirded out anymore, even if he still gets irritated by the big crowd. He mostly just dodges people as much as he can, looks at all the new faces, and maybe looks for familiar one as well. Luceti sure never fails to get weirder and weirder...

TEDDY ALTMAN, however, has never seen this before, so he'll either be walking along the paths and watching people curiously, taking the opportunity to aid people who seem too lost, or be flying up in the air once he's fed up with the New York-style crowd, just wondering what's going on. It didn't seem to be the season for new people, and they seemed different, all lacking wings. Yet a few were familiar, a few were interesting, and a few seemed hopelessly confused, so he might end up touching down and poking at them.

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[It's been a bit of a depressing time for Luke. Xion has her memories again, and everything's been okay - amazing, really, with her... but so many people whom Luke has grown close to have left. His mother, Yuri, Zack, Noel... Guy. For someone who always gets so attached to his friends, it ended up hurting a great deal, more than a lot of other things he's dealt with in this world.

Only days ago, he went to finally get his death penalty removed. It took him a while to recover, and a while before he could get food in his mouth without wanting to throw up, but finally, today, he seems to be okay.

He celebrated during the day with a meal that he could finally taste. It was his favorite, in fact - chicken parmesan. And he ended up shutting his eyes and savoring it, having spent several months without it since it had such a weird texture without taste. It made him truly happy.

And now, in the evening, for the first time ever, he goes to the bar with the intent to get himself his first drink. It's not like he wants to get drunk or anything, but it's merely out of curiosity. A couple months before, Zack had made him a drink, his first one, and Luke did his best to hide that he actually couldn't taste it. Now, though, he wants to see what it was like, more for the memory of Zack grinning and egging him on than anything.

So, once he makes it there, he'll sit at the bar and wait, his gaze occasionally going towards the wall. What was the name of that drink again...?

Later, Luke decides that sitting around and moping isn't going to help him with the pain of missing someone. So, instead, he turns to the journal. ... Now to figure out how to word this properly.]

Um. [Good start. Sort of.] I have something to ask all of you. It's kind of a stupid question, but...

I don't know. Everyone here probably misses someone, so... How do you deal with it? When it gets... bad.

... I'm sorry, I know it's stupid to ask. Just - Forget I said anything, all right?

Uh... [Well, now what does he talk about, with him trying to change the subject and all?] Anyone here play music? The ones I don't see in school, anyway.

[Much better.]
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Fonic Link mumbo jumbo )

[It's about two hours after the sun sets that the journal comes on, showing a familiar redhead looking away and rubbing the back of his neck. The area is somewhat lit, and it looks something like the front of Good Spirits. He just needed light, that's all.

The reason he can't look at the camera? Asch had told him that his death was announced over the journals. He had a right to know, after all. Here Luke had been hoping to just announce he was back like he went on vacation or something, sickness gone, health returned. But now everyone knows that he died.

There's probably a lot of people out there who are mad at him.

But he does finally look at the journal after a few seconds, and he gives a nervous little smile.]

Uh... hey. I'm back?

[He hopes to hear from at least two people. And if he doesn't, and soon, then he'll find them himself.]

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[It's so bad now that Luke feels like he can barely get out of bed except for necessary needs. It's... honestly kind of strange. Sure, he's scared, and sure, he hates having to lay here and just wait for it to happen, despite writing and drawing to pass the time. But he isn't quite as terrified as he was just a month ago.

It's like he's accepted that this is happening in a quiet, somber sort of way.

There's pain every day, he's tired every day, he's thin and pale and looks as if he's just wasting away, as if he's all that's left after tiny pieces of himself slowly just... faded away. Even his hair seemed not quite as full as it ought to be.

He hated it, yes. But it's happening. And he's close to fading away completely, he knows that. Maybe that's why he's mostly okay with this. It can finally be over.

He'd only flipped through the journal to keep track of everyone. Now, though, he can't help being morbidly curious, in a way. So, making sure that he himself is out of sight, he writes slowly to the masses.]

If someone told you that you didn't have much longer to live, what would you do about it? What would you do with the last days of your life?

[It's a question that could be asked even by a curious healthy person, something to get people to think. He can think of it that way, and get answers that he might just need because of it.]
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[The view is nothing but the sky. The rain that falls on it. Blood staining the entire side of the camera.

The voice is shrill. Frantic. Trembling and pained.]

Suh - Somebody – I n-need a healer by the back of the Battle Dome right now! Asch is - hkgh -

[Then there's quiet muttering, as if he's speaking in a whisper to someone else. A whisper that cuts off for a moment, then turns into a hurt sound.

And then nothing else.]

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[Sunset of the 21st. After looking in his diary several times to make sure of the date, Luke has practically memorized the exact time it happened. This is the day, and the time, that he and Xion confessed to each other, without the influence of the experiment, and shared their first kiss.

This is the place, too. Luke leans on the railing of the bridge nearest House 14, staring out ahead of him and obviously lost in his thoughts. Even though this is the day, and even though they had been making plans to celebrate it, Luke's sure that Xion won't be able to now. Not with everything that's happened.

Still, that doesn't mean he can't find his own way to celebrate. It isn't much, though; he just leans on the bridge and twirls a blue iris idly in his fingers. Later, past sunset, he'll make his way to Seventh Heaven for the first time in quite a while, only to practice the piano. He's been away from it for a good while, so he's just a tad rusty. But he still manages to get over it after a song or two, and he doesn't mind, for once, if anyone else is there. He'd even be happy to chat it up with someone, whether on the bridge or in Seventh Heaven.

He does seem a tad cautious, though. He hasn't been here for a while for a reason and all.]
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[When the journal opens, there's a redhead who looks as if he wants to do nothing more than climb into a bed and sleep. A good explanation for that should show itself just as he opens his mouth to speak.]

Hey –

[Because he suddenly lurches forward and coughs harshly, though he tries ducking out of view of the camera. There's a slight sniffle before he leans in again, just after he wipes his mouth and nose with the back of his hand. His cheeks are slightly flushed, too, with signs of a fever.]

I'm back. Anyone know what day it is? [And he ducks his head again to cough, though not quite as hard as before. As for the question? Because he'd really like to know how close it is to that accursed Valentine's holiday.

... But now that he's got that journal open, he pauses, looks off with an expression of uncertainty towards the village and flexes his left hand, then squints slightly as he works on a filter. Ugh, it's hard to work with this stupid foggy ache in his head. Yet he knows that it'd be dangerous otherwise, especially with the topic of his questioning.]

[Filtered to Jade... and Dist//100%]

Could you take a look at me when I get back to the village? Something happened to me back there... [He does hate getting examined, especially for medical reasons. But this is extremely important.]
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[Well. Luke wasn't expecting to pop up in the middle of the plaza relatively unharmed. Just a moment ago the Malnosso were preparing him for... he didn't want to think about it, really. But now he's here? He escaped somehow? And... there seems to be a huge crowd of people around him.


Right now, he just wants to get home. So, he takes in a deep breath, then begins to try pushing his way through the mass amount of newcomers.]

Sorry - Coming through - Would you watch it?! - Hey!

[Gosh, this is giving him the strangest sense of deja-vu for some reason.]
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[It really was an accident. That's what happens when a dumb teenager throws his journal somewhere where it can slide off and hit the voice/video button.

It looks like Luke's in front of the mirror on his closet door. Or is it...? That hairstyle looks like someone else's, which Luke was able to achieve with just some water and pushing his bangs back a lot. Conveniently, the journal's positioned in a good enough position so that one can see his reflection. Sure enough, by the reflection alone, it really does look like Asch is making faces at himself in the mirror.

He smiles. Good god, Asch is smiling. Is there a meteor heading for Luceti, because now the world is going to end.

He sticks out his tongue and crosses his eyes next. Did the Malnosso base just freeze over?

He grins at himself because good lord, this is funny, and then he tries something else.

He bares his teeth and scowls, even making a growling noise.]


My name is Asch, I can't smile and I need friends.

[He's even got the voice perfectly. He keeps it up, putting his hands on his hips to growl and makes faces at himself some more, completely unaware of just how much the journal is catching.]
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[Luke's in quite a good mood lately. Probably because of all the Christmas cheer going around. He's found that he rather likes the holiday, as it's a chance to give stuff to people without an explanation.

He can be found wandering around with a large bag slung over one shoulder, and more often than not, there's a smile on his face as well as a light, humming tune coming from him. He's pretty much the picture of someone really enjoying what Christmas is all about, and giving to people.

Speaking of which, he has quite a few things to give to his friends.


Afterwards, he'll go straight home, because that took a while and he's cold. Feel free to catch him before he drops off gifts, during, or after! ooc: And if I missed anyone, please drop me a line! I have the worst memory ever, for serious.]
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[It's cold. For one who does not like the cold very much, they can be pretty miserable. Luke walks through the village, coat unzipped but crossed over his chest and stomach, with a rather irritated look on his face. Dammit. If Guy were here he'd probably frown at him and zip up his coat before talking to him more...

He glares up at the sky and the little flakes of snow falling from it. He has his journal with him, so he slides it out of his pocket and opens it idly, turning on the video option as he keeps staring up at the sky.]

Damn, this is annoying... It feels like we barely even had fall. [He looks down at the journal now.] Does it ever seem like time's passing by really fast for everyone else?

[And thanks to him holding the journal, his coat's flapped open again. If Xion saw him, she'd definitely zip up...]


[With that realization and idea in mind, Luke hurries over to get by a wall, as if that'll help him plan things with everyone else. Then, after some work, he gets some filters ready.]

[Filtered from Xion // 100%]] ... [Filtered from Van and Vanitas // 100%]

A lot of people here know Xion, right? Well, um...

[He remembers Flynn, and how he talked about making Rapunzel's dream come true... Why can't he be as smooth as he was while doing that? There's a little blush on his face and everything... GAH. He'll just clear his throat and keep going. He's already started, so why not?]

Her birthday's coming up on the twentieth. Last time there was a surprise party for her, and I was thinking... Maybe we could do that again this year? Or something like that. October's been a pretty bad month for her. Things are getting better, but... I think she could still use something like the people who care about her celebrating her birthday.

[The fact that she was born... created. The fact that she's alive now...]

So we could hold it... somewhere. And maybe... sometime before sunset. ... I don't really know how to do any of this stuff.

[Definitely not Flynn-worthy. Guh.]

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[On the evening of the 25th, one of the few days where he didn't find himself wearing a mask, he's sitting on the rail of the bridge near his apartment and staring up at the sky. Yes, it's scary, especially with how large and angry the moon looks right now. But he can't help staring, because he's contemplating something. He's pretty sure that it's not the moon getting larger, but coming closer. Maybe it seemed crazy and stupid, but... he can't get the idea out of his head. It's nearly Halloween, the day that terrified the whole of Luceti last year even though he was away for it. One scare tactic after another...

His journal is open by his side, recording the sound of crickets and the river flowing. Eventually, one might hear him speak up, too.]

What's got you so pissed off, anyway?

[It's the moon he's talking to, though he doesn't expect a response. After a few minutes, he turns to pick up his journal and write what he's contemplating about to a certain someone. It takes some work, but he's finally able to get a good filter.]

[Filtered to Asch // 100%]

Did you see the moon, too?
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[Sup, Luceti. There's a certain redhead walking to the bakery.

A certain redhead who's wearing nothing but briefs.

Every now and then, he appears to tug at something below his wrist with a little frown before moving on ahead casually, as if he doesn't even realize that he's pretty much half naked.

At least he's got the body for this kind of thing.]

((ooc: Luke is following The Emperor's New Clothes, although instead of believing his clothes are invisible to those who are stupid or unfit, he just thinks he's actually wearing very nice clothes.))
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[It's rather late at night when the journal clicks on. Luke had waited until he had calmed down from the nightmare he had to make the post, and good thing, too. Otherwise it'd catch the tremor he surely had in his voice.

Instead, he merely sounds subdued, and maybe a little hesitant.]

Does anyone have any good stories to tell?

Or... any advice on how to get back to sleep? [Nothing he usually does is working right now.]


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